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Posted by Admin | Industrial Supply | Thursday 17 May 2012 12:00 pm

Although the Chinese watch industry made great progress, but it also can not ignore the Chinese companies and their brands in the international market credibility and influence,which accounting for 70% of world production is only 30% of world output.The problems for the watch industry is obvious. Industrial restructuring lags behind the escalation of the consumption structure; watch product structural contradiction. While middle and low product backlog of serious, its a lot of excess capacity, on the other hand, to adapt to high consumption of effective supply, its high technology content, good quality high-end brands still rely on imports.

Therefore, the current Chinese watch industry needs to accelerate the pace of technological innovation, developing the core technology and try the efforts to improve product quality.Building domestic clocks, improve product structure adjustment, to adapt to market changes; do a good job staff development, introduction and cultivation of talents. In order to improve China’s international competitiveness of Chinese industry.

Accumulated over the world brand watches for hundreds of years, training costs are very expensive, trademarks frequent appeared inĀ  the sporting events of the world exhibition. the witness of historical events, build relationships with celebrities, even when the Apollo moon landing to see to the Swiss watch figure. They are willing to adhere to long-term brand promotion, effective strategies, intangible assets increased year by year. The promotion in shanghai is very few ,even no advertising.